Sunday , June 20 2021

Modric Ramos defends Lauran after the match

Luca Mottrich defended his Real Madrid partner, Sergio Ramos, and Croatian international Dyac Lovren after criticizing the Spanish language.

Rodren points out to Copa90 that the reputation of Ramos is no one cares for Madrid colleagues "winning 5-1 or 5-2 mistakes."

Lojreen swallowed Ramos, Liverpool's defender, at Modric after a meeting in front of the National League games against Spain and England in a Croatian camp.

"Ramos is a great player and a great captain," Modric told reporters.

"In my opinion, he does not care about all the challenges he has, in football it's all short.

"He has a character, and I'm convinced that his criticism does not matter."

Modrich, who is currently in Madrid on the seventh and four in the Premier League in Tottenham, has played against many players playing against the League of Nations.

He did not give up on the issue that Spain's players were the biggest threat to the World Cup finals, but praised the influence of former Barcelona manager Luis Enrique, who won three of his three games.

"I do not want to pay any attention to anyone, they are great players," says Modric.

"Luis Enrique has given them energy and now they play as a team, and there are very good young players.

"You should not even be afraid [you are up against] one of the best teams in the world. «

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