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NBA News: Kevin Durant should do it to make the Golden State Warriors season – an expert | Other | Sport


According to NBA journalist Will Cain.

The Golden State Warriors will be in the blizzard for two weeks after a minor attacker, Durant LA Clippers, with a narrow run-off with Commander Draymond Green.

During this game Durant protested against Grin, but he did not delay it until he had missed the ball.

The controversy of the pair became a brilliant match, during which the green said, "We do not need you. We have won without you. Exit. «

In the year 2016, Durant joined the Warriors, franchising for two NBA championships and finishing the MVP final with two victories.

Until Durant's arrival, Warriors won their last three titles, though he refused to comment on his secret comments.

The green was once banned, and the pair had been playing together since then, but the team's last results were poor.

Despite the good record (12-6), fighters lost four of the last five matches.

When asked about the Green Event twice, Durant asked one journalist not to ask again about the situation and asked if someone asked him about the whole season.

For Devant, he swore to some judges on the night of Saturday night when Davies Maverick's loss of 112-109 was lost.

He tells his opponents, "F ****** is watching and closing the game."

Cain, a ESPN journalist covering the NBA, believes that it is important to stop worrying about resting the storm around Durant.

"It's going to try to restore or restore Alpha lip after being treated at the Drummond," said Cow Will Cain.

"Everything that he understands – everyone in your life understands: you can not make all that happy.

"That 's what he' s really looking for, he 's killing him.

Duke Oklahoma City Thanlen has been criticized for joining the Warriors because he has been accepted as a "light" step.

Last year, 30-year-old Twitter used Twitter to protect online accounts online.

"He will be an unhappy man," continues Cain, "if it continues, it will be really bad."

"He has to stop caring, but now he is not in a false way. This "I do not like it" – can be open.

"You are not Kevin. You need to be stoic. «

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