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Noble's farewell message to "All Children" shows that he is "forever grateful" to Peter Kawnski

One year later, all viewers fell in love with Peter Kawinsky, an actor who helped him conquer the hearts of everyone. No Tsentineo All the boys good tweet franchise fans are guaranteed to be extremely emotional. On Friday, August 17, the actor announced his shooting on Twitter All the boys "It was my last night, like Peter Kawkins, tonight."

Before actor actor thanked the creative team behind his costumes and films, he says, "I hope you all like the last ones like us. We are always grateful to you for being here, "he continued. "Thank you Lana [Condor], Thank you [director Michael Fimognari], Thank you [producer Matt Kaplan]Thank you Netflix. "Sentine expresses her gratitude to all those who said this story along with us" emotional tweets ".

Centineo's farewell tweet came two days after Netflix released it All the boys The story of the premiere of the day a Love is in fact– Inspired by social networks. The actor has joined Condor and John Fischer, who plays John Ambrose McClaren in the second and third parts – keeping the characters in the clip. All children: P.S. I still love you The current service is scheduled for February 12, 2020.

In addition to broadcasting the premiere day, Netflix also sends the fans anger, the third installment of the series, All children: forever and ever, Lara Jean was in production. On August 16, Condor and Cincinnati shared an audio clip in Instagram where the couple on the screen showed that they were "in their" collection.All the boys 3"And they are glad that they can share their news with their fans.

"Pour the water to the left and to the right." Condor wrote a promotional video. «TATB2: Ps. I LOVE YOU FRIENDS February 12! And now we're taking TATB3: Always and forever, Lara Gene !!! We love you first and foremost xx. "In the video, Tsentino explains that keeping the news of the third movie secret is a challenge. "That's great [to get to share the news], said Tsentineo. He asks, "Why are you taking pictures of people?" TATB2 to this day

Centineo is delighted to be able to share news Always and forever, Lara JeanIt is not surprising that after his last appearance, Peter Kawnsky ​​was a little emotional. In September 2018 he explained Teenage Vogue Why he considers the hero strongly linked to the audience, stressing that the "vulnerability" shown by Peter is rare. «All children a movie of romantic comedies that has been going on for decades … I do not know what their name is. Is the modern man? "Said Tsentineo." Emotional and accessible, a person who is ready to talk and really care and bring up. «

Playing in Pitts has changed not only Centineo's career, but also his private life, which has prompted him to find some sort of vulnerability. "It was through this process of separation, and I realized why I was starting to feel certain ways," he said. Swallow In August 2018. "This is a wonderful thing about communication. You belong to someone. It's something else to balance who you are. "

Centineo can be played on the screen by Peter Kavinsky, but it is clear that the hero will walk in the heart of everyone – on Centineo. At least there are two more fans All the boys There are no movies on the way, so you do not have to say goodbye to them.

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