Wednesday , May 18 2022

Overview of Xiaomi Mi Band 3



Xiaomi celebrated his 8th birthday using the Mi 8 flagship, MIUI 10 and Mi-Band 3. As smartphones smartphones, we're glad to see your new phone with the Snapdragon 845, but this team has made us happy in a few days.

About two weeks later, when he was at the My Shop Store in Shanghai, the secretary unfortunately explained that all Mi-Band 3 devices were sold.

Finally, the device has come to our office, so our impression.


The package is a simple white box with a transparent lid, with no surprises inside – a soft tape, Mi Band 3 and a small USB charger for charging. Fortunately, if you are a Mi Band 2 owner, you can install the charger with each other – but Mi-Band 3 is a device that often charges it.


When you remove it, you notice a large screen – OLED and increased from 0.42 to 0.78. Good aesthetics are flexible and nothing else, because not everything is sensitive to sensory, just a small rectangle in the center.

The device has increased the size, but the band has the same trace, so you can effectively use the same measuring device as the wrist strap before you can place the M2 range.

The HR sensor developed according to Xiaomi, and now it has become faster and more accurate. There is also an accelerometer used to count the steps. If you are the kind of person who works with all types of electronics in your body, do not rely on Mi-Band 3 because its purpose is to use everyday, and you will not help to prepare for Skyrunning World Series.

In general, Xiaomi adhered to an old saying, "If it has not broken, do not fix it." He worked very well, there was nothing important – only minor improvements.


The screen is the biggest change in the range. 3. Now move the panels up and down, left and right – postoffice, distance, burnt calories, battery capacity, weather forecast, exercise record.

It takes a couple of days to know how the button works – a movie theater will take you to the home screen in hours, and the long-run cashier will start the selected option.

We need to give Xiaomi a bit of a click on MI-3, which is much worse than the predecessor.


Let's take a closer look at the various things that we can do with the group. Heart rate can be measured at a predetermined point, so you can control it all day long. It is not only to notice how the pulse has changed during different activities, but also to know the circumstances in which the blood is boiling and not interact with them.

The algorithm for the sport is more accurate. The small screen has real-time distance, duration, and other related meter. Thanks to the 5ATM and IP67 rating, you can slip away without worrying about water or sweat.

There is an opportunity to measure your carcass, but it works well with the Mi range, otherwise you will have to monitor the size of your income manually, which will kill the full effect of smart contact.

The speed of the sun's heart rate
Profile menu
Mi Band 3 Menu

General overview • Heart rate data • Profiles menu • Micro-band 3 Menu

The sleep monitor is sworn to our team. The updated Mi Fit app looks like your sleep mode and REM, and it explains it with proper visualization. After you've checked out your dates, you'll get the best time to dump yourself.

Final sleep cycle
Sleep cycles per day
There are many sleep facts
There are options for shares

Final sleep cycle • Daytime sleep cycles • Many sleep facts • Partial option

I have a personal opinion, because I work with smartphones everyday, and I leave my Pixel 2 XL bedroom at night. My SO relies on an alarm clock in an old school, but I have an early road to it, so I have Mi-3, it sleeps me uninterrupted, but it works).

Free time alert
Incoming call alert
Lift the lever to see the information
Display settings

Idle Alert • Incoming call alert • Lift the lever to view the information • Display settings

Like all smartphones, Miant 3 reads announcements and notifies you of calls. If you turn it off, you may get a bit of juice from the battery, as it will vibrate over time.

Battery life

Xiaomi has worked extensively in the Mi-range 2 and its battery life. It has increased capacity up to 110 mA, gradually increasing the range of 3 bands. Of course, the touch screen requires little power, but it does not need to be added within two weeks.


Xiaomi Mi Band 3 is the smallest way to keep track of the basics in your everyday life. It's lightweight, delicate and stylish, with a good battery life so it's okay.

As I said, the $ 29 instrument can not be considered the best to prepare for the New York marathon. But for the step counter, the heart monitor and sleep trail returns to 20 grams of paper and is as good as you expected.

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