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Prince Harry's puppet-shooting video is the most wonderful thing all day long


If you are a royal guardian or you love a puppy (he all), be prepared, because you would like to see something small. As Cosmopolitan As he noted, Prince Garry played with puppy and played in one of his latest deals. And, in fact, the video is almost a part of the load.

On November 8, along with Megan Marcle during his first Royal Rehearsal, Duchess of the Sasseks 90th anniversary of memory intended for those who lost their lives in the armed forces. During the event, Harry, The monument put on the cross According to the official Twitter account of the Kensington Court, before the First World War and the Second World War before the funeral of unknown soldiers. This is not the only step taken during the event. He also received the most beautiful greetings from a small dog mascot.

According to Lizzi Robinson, ITV News's Royal Producer, Harry played for a while with the Staffordshire Regiment's new and gentle mascot. Robinson's Twitter share shows the prince Greet a doll dog named Watchman VI, she was dressed in her little shape. If it does not smile on your face, I do not know what it is.

Perhaps Harry has two smaller brother-in-law experiences. One of his wife's Harry, Marx, had been before his meeting with her husband. Formerly Costumes star Gai has been a few years old. Correspondingly People, which has been hit since 2015 by taking Dog Dog's Dream rescue from 2015. For many years, Mark has depicted many of his dogs on Instagram, which was destroyed in Instagram.

Going back to the UK as his owner later, Gai moved to his new life. In addition, Gai turned into a royal star People as well as children's book The truthfulness of Megan Marc's rescue dog should be issued in November.

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In addition to Guy, the Duke of Success and Dussessie have four more legitimate friends. At the beginning of October, Harry and Mark confirmed that they had received the second dog, and they corrected fraudulent reports.

During a visit to Sussex, they went to the Survivor Network, an organization that supports victims of sexual assault, photographed with their magical Dog pictures. Cosmopolitan.

When he received the gift, Harry wrote that his picture was a new dog, but "no one has ever seen our dog." Daily mailRoyal Rebecca Reporter in English. "I know they are moving forward," said Mark to him so they proved not only that they had a dog but also a dog, but no other information about their new connection.

Sassik's Duke and Shower are dogs, because they have two small dogs. It only creates the watchman VI and Harry's latest, most dramatic moment.

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