Tuesday , May 24 2022

Rape soldiers are assigned to the military


BACOLOD – Supt. Santiago Rappis received the military ranks of Acropolis Cemetery on November 11, 2018.

On November 5, 2018, Rapizz was assigned to the logistics division of the Zambienga del Norte Police Provincial when describing the police as a police buying and selling operation at the Andres Bonifacio College Gymnasium, Dipolog City, and the Zamboanga del Norte building. .

Chief Inspector Sherlock Gabbana, a spokesman for the Bacolod City Police Office (BCPO), said the raid was not an ordinary 21st anniversary attack, as Rapizz was killed in an illegal drug trafficking operation.

According to Gabana, the honorary guard was not there in the private memorial church after Rapizz.

This is followed by the 21st militia congratulation on the tradition of police force and funeral placement of honorary security guards after their colleagues.

According to Gabana, Rapid family PNP can bring no benefits to its death.

However, he said he could not save the family of the murdered police officers from capturing the Filipino flag.

At a press conference on November 8, 2018, Rapizz's widow, Michelle, denied all the charges against her husband.

Together with his attorney Translaklino Gail, Michelle said that all those who lied against her husband were liars.

She also called for congressional inquiries in connection with her husband's death. According to him, police colonel sells illegal drugs like a Sary-Sary seller.

According to her, her husband was shot back and police officers involved in the operation were "betrayal."

Michelle said the police did not change her husband's purse and cell phone.

He also said that 25 grams of suspicious rattles were planted on his husband's car.

According to her, she relied on her records and her husband brought about 54 drug-related crimes.

Rapizz was assigned to the East Morocco Provinces and later transferred to the Dipologist.

There were several police chiefs here.

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