Tuesday , January 31 2023

Realme enters the Philippines on November 29


Realme sub-brand, which began as an online-based smartphone brand for Oppo's industrialized market, has been continually expanding its geographical presence. Once Malaysia and Indonesia are expanding operations, the company enters Phillippines.

Realme has launched the Realme 2 Pro smartphone on the Realme 2 budget smartphone – the most expensive phone of the company and the Realme C1 smartphone at the entry level. The company launches Realme U1 after launching the phone in India on November 28.

Realme's new logo

Pricing and availability information for all phones will be available on November 29. For the sale of the smartphone, the company has become a partner for Laza, as the brand has become a platform in other countries. 11.11 In the Singles Day sale, Real was the most popular brand in the South American smartphone in Las Vegas.

Realm The Philippines begins a community gathering campaign called "Realm" team members. The company is one of the first to connect to new phones, choosing a few participants who will be presenting the community's activities and participating in the brand's pioneering.

Chief Executive Officer of the Philippines, Jackie Chen,

We have made great efforts to prepare the Philippines for the launch of Redmil Philippines, and now we hear and understand the need to meet the needs and campaigns of the Philippine consumers. We also strive to further promote the growth of e-commerce in the Philippines through our product offers and to have the same impact on other South-East Asian countries.

Phillippines Company is the sixth country to have its presence. Realme is currently in India, Vietnam, Malaysia, Indonesia, and Thailand.

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News about the company's geographical expansion Realme is launching the third series of smart phones – Realme U.. The company has confirmed the first smartphone in the world, the first in the world, the Realme U1 series. MediaTek works with Helio P70 chipset.

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