Saturday , October 16 2021

Returned Tean Samuel grows under the pressure of Samuel Ateneo-La Salle

For many months, dismissal is a challenge for a player, especially in a very competitive environment, such as the UAE.

But will you return to Ateneo – the La Salle atmosphere? This, of course, is much more complicated, and on Sunday, this is what Tana Samuel did for the green juniper.

"It was tough, especially since Ateneo-La Salle was a game, it was tough. I'm just trying to calm down and trying to do my best for the last four places, "said Samuel.

New Zealand suffered from Jones fracture when he hired 6-feet 8 and made a good score in his first game,

Samuel finished eight points, three flexibility and 17 minutes of training, but he did not win because they lost 71-62 to blue eagles.

"Actually I told yesterday (Saturday) that I really played. Before I told you that I could run, I'm glad to play, "said Samuel.

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Of course, UAB's career left in a couple of minutes, but said that the 19-year-old team had some problems with the support of some of the members of his team.

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"I've got a lot of help from the kids. The team should support me and say that my head is right. This was a severe injury, especially since my first major injury was a few months, "he explained.

"They were really with my team, coaches, and even some of our team members," he said.

Despite losing, Samuel's involvement was crucial for the Green Arch, which entered the final of the qualifying competition against the University of the Philippines on Wednesday.

The winners will automatically fill in the semi-finals of the Green Archery, as they put the costs of the fight final at the Final Four playoffs.

Knowing what will happen, this is a great deal for La Salle because Samuel is so important that his legs become stronger.

"It's really important, hopefully, for the next game or some future exercises," said Samuel.

"These games allow our team's chemistry to succeed to the standard that we have to compete with."

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