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Stolen from the simple sources, Jan Brodb changed the documentary


Sneak Peeking In The Simple View Jean Brugger Wanted to Change Some Part of a Documentary on True Crime (Picture: Netflix)

Jan Broberg, who was twice theft kidnapping at Netflix, found that he wanted to change part of the movie because the account was incorrect.

A 56-year-old actress, who was abducted, abused, and robbed by his family friend, Robert Burkholdt,

Speaking to ET Online, Jan explained that the attacker did not go through his pages: "It's part of a documentary that I'm about to change because I'm not sleeping in my bed.

"She's 9, 10, or 11 years old, like my mother, dad or any other person, putting on my bed, reading the story and relying on it."

She adds: "While I was asleep, she told my parents, 'These are the ribbons I have given to my psychiatrist. When I was a kid, I should keep the child at that age when I do not like it. "

"Then I put the baby down, listening to these tapes and helping me overcome my childhood trauma."

Robert Burkholdt, when he was 12 years old, was kidnapped when he was one of the most surreal offenses we heard (picture: Netflix)

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When he was only 12 years old, when he was 14 years old, and three years later, he explained that the family of Bruberg could be anxious, attacked, and carry on his own ill-treatment.

Stolen from a simple point of view, Bercholt may have a different view, and he also encouraged Jan's parents, Mary Ann and Bob, to marry his daughter.

Filmmaker Ski Borman offered the Vanity Fair "to initially adopt a deep noise on various topics, such as" cosmetics and caviar caviar ", which did not allow you to define the time in which there were really interesting, complicated things, and both of us were involved in documentary films, I would like to explore.

– I think it would be a trilogy of these films in a wonderful world.

In a simpler way, the stolen Netflix stream is available.

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