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Taiwan grandmother plays them with a poker room. Go to 15 phones, East Asia News & Top Stories


TAIPEI (REUTERS) – Chen San-yuan is a circus around Taiwan's capital, Taipei.


The front of the bike includes 15 cell phones, which Chen, aged 70, plays Pokemon Go at the same time.

A smartphone-based game requires "catching up" animated characters that appear in real-time situations.

Known as Pekimon's father, Chen and his fan-phone biking videos from Pokistops have become popular celebrities in Tuchen County, where they have been exposed to viral Internet activity.

Chen, wearing white shimmers and trousers, came up with Reuters on television when he said, "I used a cell phone and then played and played."

"A month later, he had three cell phones, six cell phones, nine cell phones, 12 and later 15", – he told his grandchildren in 2016 to Pokemon Goyin.

Mr. Chen said that his mechanism would be over $ 4,800 and spend $ 300 a month on virtual currency.

Mr. Chen Sun-yuan said that his device would cost $ 4,800 and spend $ 300 a month in virtual currency for the game. PHOTO: REUTERS

Playing on many phones allows him to reach a higher level of play and reach rare life.

The pensioner says that, sometimes with the help of ordinary portable battery chargers, it can sometimes be played all night long.

Chen's colleagues were surprised by his power.

45-year-old Shih Wunshan says, "He can work with fifteen mobile phones right away," says Shih Wang Sheng, 45. "Before Chen returned home, Chen was tired for six or seven hours. It is very impressive.

Together with Nintendo Co and Niantic Inc., Pokemon Goo has been the largest attack ever made on real-world, real-world digital characters.

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