A graduate of the Grand Prix Regional College of Psychology has made her research a huge audience. On November 5-9, Karappo presented the results from a study on "Sensitive Hygienic Disorders" and "Disappearing Children" in Ottawa and Calgary. According to Vito, he has the opportunity to offer.

"I'm glad to offer GPRC. I want to show people that they can do extracurricular research. "

ADHD is a medical condition that affects mood and self-control. Children with ADHD are sometimes referred to as learning delays and behavioral problems.

According to Vaitov, he had seen children struggling with people of other ages, such as studying and sports.

"I have had many children with ADBD to take part in similar events with friends … There are many advantages for doing physical activity, so it's really a good experience for these kids."

Witow's research has never been seen or published, but now it is planning to go along with two presentations behind it.