Friday , June 9 2023

The new state of matter was discovered


Physicists at the University of New York discovered a new model-topologic supercontrol, which allowed him to calculate new speeds recently with Igor Zutich at Buffalo University and Alex Matos-Ababa in the state of Wayne. quantum computing and storage enhancement.

As noted by scientists, this achievement offers promising opportunities for the storage of electronic devices and quantum computing of instruments.

In the work, focusing on quantum computing is more focused on faster calculations than conventional calculations. Normal computers handle digital bits 0 and 1s, and quantum computers place quantum bits (qubits) to calculate any value between 0 and 1, which speeds up the speed and speed of data processing.

During the study, scientists analyzed quantum status from conventional to new topological state and assessed energy barriers between these countries. They have improved this by establishing a legitimate definition of the signature characteristics of this switch in a sequence setting that manages the new topological conductivity period.

They drew attention to the details of the major parts of the body, which were not part of them and considered quantum information to be able to store quantum information in a certain computational space protected from environmental noise.

However, the natural recipient material for these particles, called the Majorana Fermion, was not found. Thus, scientists have tried to create new platforms that can make these calculations, ie, matter.

Jawad Shabani, Associate Professor of the Department of Physics at the University of New York, explains: "The discovery of topological superficial permeability on the two-dimensional platform opens the way for the creation of extensive topological currents, which not only saves quantum information, but also manages quantum states. without errors. «

This news archive is in the arXiv paper. The study was partially funded by a US Agency for Defense Research Support Agency.

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