Friday , October 7 2022

This is the time when the calories are tilted


Not all calories are the same, and when you eat in the evening, you may be affected by burns – or stored as fat. According to a preliminary study published in Current Biology last week.

Researchers at Briggam and Women's Hospital found that during the rest, the person would be able to speed at 10% per night in the second half of the day than at night. In general, it can add up to 130 calories no raise your finger.

To find out, scientists have gathered a small group of volunteers aged 38-69 and put them in the laboratory for 37 days, which can not be separated from the telephone, the Internet, the clock, and even the windows. This means that it is impossible to talk about time. Participants were also kept in a strict schedule, covering their own food, activity, and layout tables carefully tuned by researchers.

Every day, researchers have changed the daytime schedule for four hours, dropping hours of internal organs of the participants, and making the circulatory rhythms faster than 24 hours in the body. According to the researchers, it is equivalent to traveling every day for three weeks through the four Western time zones.

According to Dr. Zhanna Doffy, doctor of medical science at Harvard Medical School, "They are weekly equivalent to transformation of the world, so their internal watches can not be followed, so they are devastating." in the statement.

"It allowed us to measure metabolism in different biological stages of the day."

During the experiment volunteers used body temperature sensors. High temperatures have shown that human calories burn. The lower the temperature was the opposite. When the data were included, researchers found that at night and in the early morning and at midnight, the circus phase, which corresponds to the highest level in the circular phase, corresponding to the day / evening period, was at lower temperatures in the circus phase, 12 hours later.

So, what does this mean?

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