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UAAP: Limited minutes or not, Prince Haizu is happy to help only FEU


Limited minutes or not, Prince Orizu is glad to help FEU only

The great man of the FEU returned

Prince Oizu acted after the end of the University of the Far East after losing three games in the second round after being hit by a climax against Ateneeu-de-Manila University on October 20.

Her return was against the National University, and it is important to keep the FOI's Fourth Hopes alive. He saw nine minutes of play, winning the Tamaraws 79-74, winning six points and five.

"Maybe I was watching the next exercise from the coaches, so I play in a few minutes because I can be on my feet," says a Nigerian elder. he has not played yet 100 percent.

In this regard, the trainer Olsen Rakela is now finished, especially in the 81st stage of the UAPA Season.

"Natyuka Lang Acko now has a complete chain, and Orys, who plays for a few minutes, but have seen a very good minute," said Raquel.

Oizu said that three student games against the University of Philippine, the De La Salle, and the University of East are one of the most difficult things that a foreign student sportsman experiences in this season.

"It was a bit of a hot spot, I do not know, I could not do anything about it, I felt like a disabled person, and I could not do anything about it, so I was glad to have contributed to something today," Orizu said.

He had every reason to feel this, especially when FEU won only one game and opposed the last team in the East University rating. Their opponents used the absence of a strong FOI for paints.

Fortunately, the FEU win in the first round is still enough to hunt. Tamaraws is the winner of the 7-6 draw. There was another match against the University of Adam on Sunday.

"This game will make you feel happy on Sunday, and it will take me a while to return 100 percent until Sunday," he said.

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