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Wait, sweet, heartfelt


Wait, sweet, heartfelt

Ariel M. Pizarro (Philippine Star) – November 23, 2018 – 12:00

Manila, the Philippines – was opened in 2016 as the first product to have a six-time Grammy nominee Sarah Baril and Jessie Nelson's creative team of men with music and songs. The music film tells about the video of Adrienne Shelly's 2007 name, an informal and talented prank, Jenna, who suffered unhealthy pregnancy in her unhappy marriage.

The material is not familiar to me. I've seen the movie a few years ago and have the most enjoyable adventure on Broadway music music in Jason Mueller's New York production in Jenna in 2016. Last week, under the guise of Garcia in Brazil for the local performance of the Atlantis Theater, while waiting for that time, I did not have a fair share of expectations. But like the delicious cake concepts of Jenya, the final product has been delivered perfectly.

In my opinion, the beauty of the production that corresponds to its original material is how Shelya's mischievous heroes learned about the warmth and love of life. She laughs to the office laughs at her moments, but does not hinder the other, but goes back to the topic.

Nino Alejandro's funny Ogie offers a great deal of entertaining entertainment, but with the unforgettable recycling of the toy, it will never save me, and in a unique love affection I love you, the sweetest romance of Eccentric Dawn, the perfect Maron Crush.

Bibo Reyes also works as a Gynecologist in Pnomter, Jenna. He brings to the table the balances and skill of the audience, illuminates the audience, shouts and even breaks in beautiful times. The experiences of Dr. Pomerer and Jenna make up for Jenya's situation. Jenna's life, after Earl (playing with George Shulzi), will save the day when she will discover the hidden money of money until her marriage runs out.

Bailille Ballad is a self-styled masterpiece and Joanna Ampil makes a fair deal because Jenna tells her that she has not lost her self-guided self-esteem. Jennifer miraculously uses the complexity of the state of Jenah in this shameless number: Distorted, but stubborn, defeated, but scared.

Another show producer, and, of course, the feature of the show is Beethoven Escalante, the best friend of Jackson, Becky. It was not only an unforgettable performance, but also a dignified applause and some passion for not just fulfilling its plan; The Beatle is no longer dependent on Becky but with his head and lover, Cal (Dean Rosen), from his skill to the tension.

One of the most touching moments in music is the image of Steven Kond, Jim Jima, singing to Jenna when she dances for Ogi and Down's wedding. "Though I do not believe in silverware, I think there is something in you and I try to try something good."

This idea is renewing over the course of history, and the days are continuously changing. This is something inside the transplant. Maybe that's it. Joe's People in Pie Diner can live in a mild and even unsatisfactory state, but the officer shows that he can have more heart and pitch to live a simple life. The shellfish, however, requires just a great cake like sugar, butter and flour.

The Waitress runs every Friday, Saturday, and Sunday at RCBC Plaza, RCBC Plaza, Carlos P. Romulo until December 2. For Tickets, please contact TicketWorld (632) 891-9999 or visit

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