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Wayne Rooney has no swan song in England


Wonni Rooney was the first England record holder to finish his career with no discount.

In the 58th minute, the attacker scored a goal in the 120th minute when the striker hit the ball and the fans shouted "Shut!"

33-year-old Rooney had a good chance at the Wembley Stadium for the second-half break in the United States. Romain Rooney was playing on the penalty spot, and only refused the lower attack of the US goalkeeper Brad Gusan.

Rooney smiled as the England team scored 53 goals. The result did not matter, as new generation footballers provided a 3-0 win over Friendly Rooney, and now they called home.

"He would have been in another yard … and that would be great," Rooney said. "But in some cases it's good, because if I won, it would have been much debate whether or not this goal should be achieved.

"It's good that some roads are not good," he said.

Most England players have recalled this solemn farewell after two years after the game, 15 years later.

"Footballers are celebrating their left-footed players on international football in England – it should not have been in the past," said Rooney, Premier League and Champions League winner Manchester United.

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"He did not know what Gareth and the players were trying to do," he said. "In a few years, I hope some players will come on the same night as their adventures, and that's great for me."

At that time, Rooney replaced the former Manchester United player Jesse Lingard on the 58th minute, and England was the winner. Lingard and Trent Alexander Arnold scored points each other in 104 seconds. England's record-makers joined the striker Calle Wilson when he scored his first goal in England, due to Alexander Arnold's farewell.

But this is Rooney's Night.

England has announced a nightmarish referee for the first time since 1966, when he was often disappointed with the English jersey.

"It's great, it's time for all players," says England coach Gareth Soungert. "It had a wonderful effect, really great couples, and we were in the fairy tale as a yard in the left corner of Brad Gusan."

It would be enough to remember the beginning of the night.

68 Before joining the 155 fans, Rooney joined the squad ahead of the match with his four sons, who were born in February.

Prior to joining her clothing for the final word, Ronnie as the English player, "These are great memories.

Wernegate said that Rainy refused to let Rayyi parade express concern over players' play.

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They need to listen to the press conference.

"Sometimes American has won us easily," Southgate said. "We have been detained in the transitional period and are open wide, and on Sunday we will lose it."

The next game on Wembley will be important on Sunday.

England, Croatia, won the UEFA Europa League 3-2 win before Croatia on a trip to London. England or Croatia will be able to win the match and will have the opportunity to qualify for the four final tournaments. As a result, Spain will allow Spain's A4 leagues to reach the final of the new European national team.

"If we are honest, then we have to play this game," said Southgate.

Rooney is optimistic. Rooney was a spectator when she went to the semi-finals of the 28-year-old World Championship in July in England.

"It was great to see how they worked and how they improved," Rooney said.

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