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CBA agents in the headquarters of the Financial Supervisory Authority

Employees of the Central Bureau of Corruption are looking for a house of Polish Financial Supervisor on Wednesday. They protect the evidence, "said Piatros Krasowek, a division of the Department of Social Affairs. After returning to the country, Marek Chrazanovsky, the head of the Financial Supervisory Commission, appeared at his headquarters. He had to stay there for several hours.

CBA agents appeared on Sunday afternoon in the offices of the National Security Committee. This task was to abuse the authority of the prosecutor's office or investigate the failure of the former chairman of the Financial Police, Marek Chrazanovsky.

Warsaw delegation staff held events at the headquarters of the KNB in ​​Warsaw – representative of the CB Piotr Krasoryak.

– Getin Bank's recovery procedures, recovery software updates, Getin Bank's capital and KNF's Idea-Bank meetings, including the acquisition of GetBack SA shares and the acquisition of GetBack bonds and We protect your records. Kaczorek.

Similar information on Twitter is provided by Majei Vasik, Deputy Special Coordinator.

Former head of the financial supervision body

KNF headquarters arrived in Marek Chrzanowski on Wednesday. At TVN24, he has come to the personnel issues and has already submitted the documents that the former head of the KNF dismissed by the Prime Minister.

According to TVN24, Chrazanovsky spent several hours at the headquarters. At 1 o'clock it disappeared, "said Jacek Barchevski, a representative of the International Atomic Energy Agency.

Shrzanowski has been in the head office for several hours and can access all the documents that he has been informed on RMS radio on Wednesday morning.

"Extensive, daily collaboration between the HEC and the prosecutor's office"

Earlier, Prosecutor General Zbigniew Ziobro at the press conference, the Silesian office of the prosecutor's office requested that the CBA delegation in Warsaw's CBA delegation in the offices of the CCP and the former head of the FBI asked whether the material was safeguarded.

– Yesterday, about the tactical and technical aspects of the investigation, of course, about violations of the criminal procedure code, – said Ziobro.

He assured that "in this case, there is a very close, daily cooperation between the CCA and the prosecutor's office."

– Yesterday I asked the republic prosecutor's office to transfer this issue to the Central Corruption Bureau. There are also experienced people in this business. Thus, all the evidence in the Office of the Prosecutor General will be able to ensure compliance with the laws in Poland, "Ziobro explained.

– At present, I am not interested in the opening and appointment of the production, as it is not of interest to investigate now.

He asked for the protection of materials, he replied: all of these topics were discussed yesterday, and disclosure of the information or actions and action plans we have in relation to the technical data in accordance with the rules of conduct does not interfere with the process.

An investigation into the suspect's involvement with the former head of the KNF began on Tuesday.

"It should be in the office first," he says.

"This fact is that the head of the investigative department is not the first person in the cabinet, only to ensure that the cabinet is safe and certain documents are to be abandoned," said former prosecutor Janusz Kachmarek. Issued by FMF FM.

"How the service works, it is a scandal," RMF FM informal investigators said.

According to RMF FM, the Financial Supervisory Authority of Poland, Marek Chrzanowski, did not have access to the internal computer system and sensitive materials.

Corruption in RB?

Since November 13, Gazeta Wyborcza has published an article titled "40 million no problems". His topic was the consent of the owner of Getin Noble Bank Leszek Czarnecki, head of the Polish Financial Control Department, Marek Chrzenovsky. The latter expects that attorney who will receive 40 million PLN for the benefit of PKKR benefits.

That day, Marek Chrazanovsky resigned in the afternoon. It was accepted.

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Source: TVN24, RMF FM, PAP

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