Saturday , October 16 2021

Chem. There was one car in the PKP Intercity train. Passengers jumped out of the window

On November 12, maybe it was a day off, but Chemmobile's passengers remember it quite differently. At Che Mamasto station there was a "Ogiñski" TLK train, which was a bit overwhelming.

The station is one of the shortest in the history of PKP Intercity. Locomotive and one wagon. You can set the effects. As described in the virtual portal, he also introduced images of a special composition, and even the trainer was out of the train.

The train was full, but at the end of the conductor allowed the passengers: This car had to be able to enter the passengers with no seat seats. "

It was a bit chaotic, because once it was desirable to leave a small wagon, and some just jumped on it. And it is simple:

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