Tuesday , August 16 2022

Did Herdan Shakiri decide to leave Liverpool? «I'm offended»


Picture source: Vlad1988 / Shutterstock.com

Herdan Shakiri is not happy with his role in Liverpool FC. The Swiss representative wishes to receive an extra minute.

The player thought that the beginning of the season would be a good opportunity to trust him more often than Jürgen Clopp. Shakiri's expectations were even stronger, as the club did not strengthen, and most of the Liverpool players were late last season, which Shakiri saw as an opportunity to get extra minutes.

Shaqiri was expected to play an important role in the game, but he started a double game. He then hoped for a chance at the European Super Cup, but despite having completed the penalty shootout, he held the whole match.

All this forces Shakiri to think about his future. The player does not hide his dissatisfaction.

I'm very happy. No player will be happy when sitting in the seat. Clearly, he wants to have more opportunities. I have to think about my current situation and find the right solution he saidLangenthaler Tagblatt«.

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