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Does ACTA 2 force you to close Google Europe in Europe?


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According to Google's vice president and head of Google News, Richard Gingrass, the entry into force of ACTA 2 can force the company to stop functioning of the well-known content aggregator in Europe.

New legal act in May

The new regulatory legal acts create a big dispute with copyright laws.


  1. EU Directive Copyright in a single integrated digital market is often called ACTA 2, which can lead to Google News closing in Europe;
  2. The reasons are art. 11 and referring to the law, web-sites referring to texts containing tax, original extracts, should always be paid to their publishers;
  3. The article is controversial. 13. Makes platforms actual, such as YouTube's responsibility for content posted by users;
  4. On September 12, the European Parliament decided to send ACTA 2 for further work, but the entry into force of the Directive was still prolonged. You are negotiating as part of a test commission. Further, this should be ratified by the various member states participating in the law for two years.

The European Union's Copyright Directive is a subject of many opinions and opinions during the past week and months. Recall, often called ACTA 2, has denied access to a large number of published material on YouTube that could have caused major changes to the Internet (previously a website was part of the #Saveyourinternet campaign itself). More precisely, waiting for Google News platforms, even a tragic destiny is waiting.

It kills Article 11

According to Google's vice-president and head of Google News Richard Gingress, The adoption of the discussed law in the current form indicates the end of the site's functioning in Europe. All 11 reference ideas are referred to as reference tax. Each site predicts that it will have to pay for their publishers, who link to articles that receive fragments of the original text (such as Google and Google, such as social networks).

It should be noted that in this case we are not related to theoretical situation (in the same way as at the local level, at the level of one EU Member State), in 2014 Google News should have decided to complete its operations in Spain. Both publishers and publishers have lost their time.

I do not want to see the situation in other European countries. We are ready to cooperate with all our colleagues, so Richard Gingrard can not do that in the Guardian interview.

The head of Google News warns that this is still a problem, and recent decisions are made when the exact form of the new law is known. After completing the ACTA 2 work, it is possible to assess its impact on the Internet facility in its member countries and whether their activities are beneficial to private companies.

Richard Gingras notes that Google News is inappropriate for the current model. Its goal is to help users access the information they provide When Google ecosystems spend more time on other platforms for the advertising business. However, Google News does not make a profit, and after the introduction of the new law, the company will not be interested if it starts to expense.

Google News does not serve ads, it's not a revenue generating product for the group. Its value is to sow ties to certain communities to access valuable information, says Google vice president.

and unsuccessful 13th

YouTube cover is missing

YouTube does not contain weapons.

Let's remind, the problems of ACTA 2 do not end with the above mentioned Article 11. Relatively or even more dangerous art can be an art. 13. In the event of a major mitigation, its content will only be accessible to content creators for content published on sites such as YouTube.

The proposed version of Article 13 now deletes the current content removal system that protects rights holders and platforms. As a result, services such as YouTube, Facebook, Instagram, Soundcloud, Dailymotion, Reddit, or Snapchat are responsible for any content that has been infringed by copyright users, authors, and performers. These platforms, including YouTube, Europe, have to break down most European non-European content, as we read FAQs on the #Saveyourinternet Campaign website, subject to our reference and copyright requirements.

During the boiling of art. 13. Susan Wojciechki, the head of YouTube, was criticized.

Article 13 lets the millions of people at the current content, including video developers and users, download their content to platforms like YouTube. In addition, users in the European Union are at risk of banning content from existing content on any channel's creator channels. When it's an executive director of this site, it's about a broad library of educational videos on YouTube, such as language lessons or guiding guidelines.

Let us recall that the ACTA 2 European Parliament adopted on September 12, but does not mean its entry into force, but only to determine the form of the document. At present the negotiations are being held within the three-year committee, which includes representatives of the European Parliament, the European Commission and the European Council. Then it must be ratified by individual Member States, and we will take two years. Also, the present document does not support Poland's authorities.

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