Sunday , August 14 2022

Draft Amendments to the Law on the Supreme Court in the Seimas. The MEP has visited the second reading of the project – News


217 deputies voted for the second reading of the project, 179 against and 4 abstentions.

The draft amendment to the Law on Supreme Court was submitted to the Seim at the PI parliament on Tuesday morning. The project is the basis for returning retired judges to the Supreme Court; Those who want to relax are also welcome. In addition, the project will terminate the president's permit to continue attending a lawyer after his 65th birthday, but for the judges who have entered the new rules, this period will not be prolonged and the retirement age will be 65.

After the first reading, Lukasz Schreiber explained that after the first reading of the project, the PiS club applied for the amendment to the Law on the Supreme Court, referring to the Commission.

Request Pause

Member of the PSL-UED club, Jacek Protasevich, applied for early breaks, and the deputies were able to get acquainted with the content of the draft amendments. – This is the seventh change of the MV Act this year. Seven deputies from PiS have been nominated. You promise to improve each situation and each of you gets worse. Maybe we hope that we can improve this situation.

The head of the club, Kamila Gaskiuk-Pihovich, said that the draft law on the Supreme Court was not needed. – No modifications to the rules are required. EU judgments must be respected, and this provision is directly applicable – it is evaluated.

The second reading is here 21.30 – the result of the debates of the Sejm.

According to the Law on the Supreme Court, judges older than 65 years retire. If they wish to continue the court decision, they shall apply to the President with a relevant request.

In the end of July, the Supreme Court acknowledged that it had suspended the application of new rules and asked questions to the CEDO on this issue. Also, in early October, the European Commission lodged a complaint with Poland against the Tribunal.

At the end of October, prior to the CJEU sentence, he issued a security order to some of the provisions of the AMP Amendment Act. Some of the judges of the Supreme Court returned to work as the retired chairman of the CJEU.

KE is waiting for the final form

The European Commission does not comment on current proposals on amendments to the Polish law on the Supreme Court. Officials of the Commission in an interview with a Brussels-based Polish radio columnist have never commented on the bill in any member state, and this is what happens next. One of the officials believes that it is impossible to predict Brussels in what form it is acceptable, and that Brussels can not be warned.


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