Tuesday , January 31 2023

Ewa Ming was admitted to a plastic surgery. "I still think about abdominoplasty"


For many, 51-year-old Ewa Ming, in the best of times, is very secretive, as she volunteered to show her pictures through the web suits. Over the years, there have been controversies about how the designer has improved her beauty. A statement made by plastic surgeon Andrzej Swatzky was one of thousands of plastic surgeons in Thing. A surgeon was able to win a case in the court, but later the forensic experts decided that Ming did not have any difficulties.

Eve Ming corrected the bust

An Instagram designer now acknowledged he was cured, but not bust.


"After feeding two kids (one year later), I purchased artificial beans instead of spaniel ear for my money," he said, drawing attention to how it was built up at the expense of others. (An article appeared on one of these websites). She also thought of her different treatment for many years.

"I have been thinking about abdominoplasty for 23 years, because I have an extra skin after pregnancy, it closely closes my clothes, but it looks clear in one picture," he explained.

"I'm madly?" "No, I do not see the appearance of many shrubs and bumps, or the color of the shoes, to anyone else," he said. "I took pictures of what I wanted, and I do not think I'll take it after my 51st birthday," he said.


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