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Genoa CFC – CCC Napoli: preview, Friday, etc. Milik


  • In the 12th round Genoa will face Napoli
  • Poles attacked Krzysztof Piatek and Arkadys Milic at the time of two commands
  • Both of them have a different position in their clubs. Friday is the best striker of Genoa and is close to breaking our Milky Way team

It was Genoa's best forward, Roberto Pruzzo, with Krishistouf Pyatecke playing for Juventus, Napoli, Milano, Parma and Lazio, Oscar Damian. "His attitude means that Napoleon's fans have not missed Gonzalo Higuaín" – "Arkadys Milik" (1: 1) against La Gazzetta dello Sport.

A rejected offer

It is difficult to get the best outcome of the attack on the last months of the Polish team in Italy. One compares with three attackers of the A series.

The second fans have to look heavy on the pictures of hieroglyphs, so their t-shirt has a trash bin. In the 12th round, their roads cross. Genoa plays in Naples at the stadium "Stadium Comunale" (Luigi Ferraris).

Depending on the fantastic and varied dishes, Bologna, the capital of Emilia-Romagna, is known as La Grassa or the Simple Group, which is located 300 km to the west of Genoa on Saturday, and has many special tastes. First of all, competition for competition is added to the Friday. Although 23-year-old striker scored the last four goals, he remains the most effective player in the league, and his name appears in a few days rather than a move to a stronger team than Genoa.

During the week, the theme of the transition to Napoleon returned to the wallpapers. Wednesday's general manager, rossoblu, Giorgio Perinetti, said Catherine Leorenziis had rejected an application for the Italian, but the owner of the country, Aurelio de Lorenzius, did not send it. According to SportMediaset, he will, of course, pay 60 million euros for Genoa's head, Ivan Preesios, but he is ready to pay 35 million for the Pole. And, obviously, it can lead to compromises.

Room that burns

An important test for Pyatek on Saturday. His plays are characterized by Napole's coach Carlo Ancelotti. And 59-year-old was very good at this, and finally talked to Roma's Il Bomberem. They also consulted outside the tent (including setting a hotel in a fire accidentally and fearing the club holder to die), which played good football. Together with them Gialorossi won Scudetto and won four times in Coppa Italia. So if Ancelotti feels the characteristics of his old friend on Friday, the possibility of moving to the peninsula of the Polish Peninsula will be significantly increased.

Only after accepting Ivan Zhuric, the Il Pistolero team stopped the scoring and was in the last series match, for the first time in the Serie A game. Genuine architecture. Keroudi – the narrow streets of the old city – were built to protect the invaders, because smaller routes between buildings slowed down the aggressor and allowed them to attack. Jurić was concentrated on defense and in the first two conflicts he paid himself (Juventus 1: 1 and Udinese 2: 2), and in the next two meetings, Milan teams. However, according to Italian media, on Saturday he will play duo with Christine Cole on Friday.

He wants, but it is impossible

Will Will Milik Juricia Print? Perhaps, yes, because Ancelotti Dristis is pausing for Merten because he has changed during the PBC contests (1: 1). He trains with the Belgian team, but is forced to sit on the table. This is a pole opportunity. This season, on the average of 24 years, Lorenzo scores less goals than Insigne and Mertens and gets a short weekly week. In the past four games he has played 56 in just 360 minutes. "It's a tough moment for Milik. This season is perfect for slogans: I do not want to, but I can not "- says white and red" LGdS "striker.

Additionally Fabiana Ruiz replaces Piotr Zielinsky, so it is not surprising that the Genoese conflict was advertised in 1974 by Albert Bertelot on the Apennine Penal, referring to the book "World Cup", under the slogan A ritmo di Polska. At least, the attackers should depart in the event of a Polish invasion.

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