Thursday , February 2 2023

Grażyna Wolszczak complains to the state treasury! "I have enough to keep"


It has long been one of the major problems facing the major Polish cities, and their power. Grażyna Wolszczak decided to fight air pollution. The actress complained to decision makers and the Treasury for threatening health.

Since the governor has solved this problem, it is necessary to begin. I check my smoke every day and adjust myself. I try to stay as short as possible in the concentration of dust in the carcinogenic dust. I do not have a mask, but who knows … "he said in" Talk ".

The trial is scheduled for January

Interestingly, Wolszczak is not the only person who has decided to report smoke to the jury in Warsaw. Journalists also supported Mariusz Bzzzi and journalist Katarzhina Ankundavic. At present, only the "General" star was given on the day of the listening. This is a new year – after January 10.

Grażyna Wolszcak requires funds of up to 5,000 PLN. He spends money on charity.

The actress is clearly visible.

I have a great tragedy! We have one health and life and our children. You can not wait for someone to do something. We must fight! "he said in an interview with reporters.

Do you think Volshach will win with the state treasury?

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