Saturday , January 28 2023

Head of State: "Let this be a festival"


"Let the 100th anniversary of Poland's independence be a holiday of all Poles," President Andrzej Duda said on Saturday in television. "It is a century of freedom," he said.

The president, along with Agatha Kornhauser-Dudaman, the first woman, gave her a television channel dedicated to the 100th anniversary of Poland's independence.

The President, one hundred years ago, on November 11, 1918, at the Royal Castle in Warsaw, the Presidium gave the Superiority over the Polish Troops to Joseph Pilsudsky, and three days later – an independent Polish state. The first woman mentioned that thanks to these events "the dreams of the four Poles were fulfilled" because Poland was resuscitated.

"After 123 years of annexation, slavery, persecution and dictatorships, conflicts and organic work have been forced to leave the Polish soil," says Dudde. The Poles took full advantage of this opportunity after the First World War. The feeling of national identity, the power of the community, and the skills of our leaders have won. We have rebuilt our country. The sovereign state has returned to Europe's political map he said.

Whether it's the 100th anniversary of Poland's independence, let's all become Poles holiday. It is a centenary of our freedom "the President said. He has also thanked all those who have been civil, universal, and local for centuries. DThanks to thousands of exhibitions, concerts, shows, competitions, competitions and sports events he said. He reminded that on Sunday, November 11, the Polish national anthem will play in many Polish and foreign Poles. We invite you to go to the streets and squares of family towns and villages to meet with your family, friends and neighbors. he said.

The first lady called us to celebrate together, "a hundred years ago was a great event: free Poland, a common homeland was born again." Let's sing very gladly: "Poland still did not die when we lived." It is our anthem – Anthem of Poland's independence "he says.

He also noted that the anniversary of the 100th anniversary of independence will be celebrated in 2018. Angel Dyud remembers the achievements of heroes of national liberation at that time. The prominent statesmen who call the fathers of independence. Also known as local heroes in their territories and regions as well as for free Poland he said.

The President also called for a white and red banner in each Polish House. National shades can be with us. Let them succeed in the war with the Bolsheviks in 1918 and in 1920, and win the victory in the communism. Thanks to this victory, we are a sovereign, democratic state. And our everyday victories – professional, social and personal accomplishments. They are also creating an independent republic of the next century, Poland he said.

The first woman recalled the words of Pope John Paul II that "free Poland was preserved in family traditions and souvenirs in Polish villages and traditions of manors". Works of patriotic songs, literature, painting and musical masterpieces, historians and scholars have kept their belief in revival of our Motherland. – says Knnhauser-Dude. Our parents, mothers and fathers taught the faith, hope and love of our Motherland "the president said.

The first woman said, "Today, we remember the Polish men, who have protected the memories and traditions of spouses, grandchildren, family homes." Polish women and their husbands, fathers and brothers struggled for independence – says Knnhauser-Dude. At the time of Poland's independence, Polish women – as one of Europe's first women – immediately received full civil rights. "the president said.

See Tomorrow's Holiday! the press service of the president reports.


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