Tuesday , January 31 2023

Joanna Schuing-Velgus: The opposition should form one of the strongest horses


– If the opposition parties name the best people to fight in the European Union, and Poland is not on the edge of the Union, it is the "Modern Party"! it is in – says Joanna Schuing-Velgus. The head of the new group told about his place in the Polish political scene.

  • – We have no problems with other parties, – said the deputy
  • – I will fight and I will do everything in the Seim to turn the party into a true and brave party, however, – said Shing-Velgus
  • "I hope they will pass through here," said the leader! AFC's voice on PiS's responsibility for this

The MEP is now at the party! "I will not dispute with anyone" from the opposition and its supplement. – PiS is our enemy. He also acknowledged that a single list of opposition candidates was not targeted before the European Parliament elections, since opposition parties have "other ideas." "But we do not have trouble talking to other parties," he said.

"This is the last point in entering the current battlefield, throwing stallions, and expressing nothing in Parliament," said Schwing-Weggus. "We are trying to do what we have not yet been able to do – to connect the economy and the public, including culture," he said.

"If we break it, it's our fault." I can not say that this was a failure, we are wrong, "said Shing-Velgus. – But I will fight, I will do everything in the Seim to turn the party into a true and brave party, but not sure.

"It promotes me what kind of politics in Wiiska," said the deputy. "So I'll tell you, people, do not be afraid to interfere in politics because people who are experts in their fields are in politics, it may be different, there is no need for today's burdens," he said.

When addressing the situation in the ruling camp, Schinging-Welsh said that he is "in a very difficult situation". "They already have a political bigos, and they argue with each other. The actions of the National Security Committee showed that they were unclean. For three years, they have shown that demoralization is a major tool in politics, says Leader of the Teraz! Party! – Hopefully they will pass through it, and PiS believes it is up to the people who are in bright eyes, and this is a symbol of Moravicio-Pinocchio.

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