Monday , January 30 2023

League of Nations – promotion in Bosnia and Herzegovina


Before the meeting, the elite of the League of Nations had the opportunity to launch Bosnia and Herzegovina. The Balkan players have overcome three previous matches. The Austrians had to defeat them (better) and then won the final match in Northern Ireland.

In the first half of the Vienna game, the liberals were cleverly protecting the hosts. In this part of the game, the Austrians had only one shot. The hotel team was in a difficult situation. At the 24th minute, Viskis ran away, and Heinz Lindner went through the corner and finished the turn.

In the second half, the Austrians woke up and proved Marco Arnautovich's position. However, his shooting was stopped by Bosnian defenders. At the 64th minute, the home team was again concerned. Lindner saw the ball in the evening after Haris Duljevic shot. After a rounds, the ball missed a bit, but the Bosnians got a corner.

Finally, the Austrians could not change their advantage and the match ended in inequality. This result rose to the elite of Bosnia and Herzegovina League of Nations.

Austria – Bosnia and Herzegovina 0: 0

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