Monday , January 30 2023

Martyn's wife: I know that Zenne does not sell me


Zenek Martynyuk's wife is loyal to her husband's loyalty

Beautiful Hadi (29 years) does not make his head a king of disco. Danuta Martyniuk (50 years old) trusts his famed Zenni husband (49 years). Accent's leader is not interested in the model he recently shot.

"I've never been interested in female models from clips. For many years, I have learned that there are many beautiful girls around Zen. Someone advised me to stay awake, but I trust my husband and I assure you that I have not caused you jealousy. For many times, I was accompanied by a set of musical clips, but later we walked in one place or did not see it because it was shot on one of our joint trips, "says Mrs. Danuta. She admits she has tried several times to deal with her husband in such situations. Fortunately, he does not believe in every word he has in his own opinion, who has his own reasons and who are lacking around him. Martynnikova understands and respects her work, and Zenek proved that she was the only woman in her life for many years.

– Danesia did not want to go to the US with me this time. When we cliped, she took care of the restaurant. It's really awesome and it feels good, "says Zenek. – Friends of our states are confident that the image will be in a comfortable environment. They arranged everything for us, including the beautiful model, and I got the photos back in the email. In fact, it was a very beautiful girl, who felt great in front of the camera, "says the disco pole king.

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