Monday , January 30 2023

Microsoft will contact Apple to remove it


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Oscar Ziomek

Unfortunately, Windows 10 users who have decided to install the October Updates feature still can not complain. One of the problems that has been recently identified in the system is the installation of iCloud software for syncing files with Apple Cloud. The problem information appears in the official list of expected Windows vulnerabilities after the October upgrade.

It has been shown that Apple has identified this issue. There is a problem with syncing public catalogs in official iCloud version Upgrading Windows 10 has been stopped on all computers that have a hard drive version of the Apple PC software to keep users up to the point when the problem is resolved. ICloud software installed on systems already upgraded on computers.

As you learn from the official information, Microsoft is in the process of errors described in cooperation with Apple. We're awaiting a specific update, and, unfortunately, there's no data available yet. For example, this patch will appear in November. At the end of the month, it is planned to upgrade the problem by managing the default program settings.

The iCloud described is another problem of the October upgrade, which has caused many problems from the very beginning. The biggest of them, the problem of missing files has already been resolved, but this has led to the need to remove the update and bring it to the testing phase. A few months later, the new version of Windows 10 was still available to all users, but as you can see, there are still many errors.

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