Monday , June 27 2022

Millions of Samsung smartphones for starters. Perhaps, there will be a series of "average people" again,


Several days ago, Samsung discovered the secret of its smartphone. However, it will take a while before buying. At the same time, Koreans declare at least the original device will be released in one million copies. There are also plans for their shelves.

Today, millions of copies have no effect on anyone. The Koreans can not know how flexible smart phones come to the market. This may have an impact on other things, but we still do not know the price, but we expect that this device will not be cheap.

Certainly, Samsung has agreed, despite good sales Increase in production. It is announced by DJ Koh. Samsung's CEO also acknowledges that even though Galaxy F can not handle consumers' hearts, the fact of its development will be a great experience for the future of the company.

Koreans, however, are the most expensive and modern devices. The company has an average shelf with plans to change equipment. It appears there New device line marked with M.

This means farewell to former Samsung gamers – J, C, and On. Although we do not blame the best quality of the price, we should be interested in the first one, which is very popular in our country.

However, there are no guarantees for the emergence of new series in our country. Objects need to be sure, for example, the code names of new devices are known – SM-M205F and SM-M305F (Galaxy M20 and M30). We know that internal storage only varies in two variants – 32/64 Gb and 64/128 Gb, and is available in one or two SIM card slots associated with the market.

However, we can not exclude that change can only affect specific markets. Such reports were primarily related to the P30, which was originally formally A6.

Source: Phone Arena, Sammobile

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