Monday , August 15 2022

Musician Pavel Piquarjyk named Wladysław Bartoszewski as "educated" on Polish radio


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Guests of Wojciech Rezzzinsky's "Truffle on post" TV channel were Leshchek Chaikovski and Pavel Piekarjyk, who were broadcast on Polish radio on Wednesday evening. Three of them were discussing the artists' joint record and called "Movable and Disobedient 1914-1921". Professor also appeared in a studio. Wiesław Jan Wysocki.

During the discussion, Piquarcchi once said: "Such passion is Poland, a delicate young lady who can not find her husband." After a while, he explained that he was involved with Bartoshevsky.

These statements have caused a protest among former public radio journalists. Journalists' Association and Public Radio Broadcasters were involved in this issue. They were sorry for Rezzensky, who did not reply to the former head of the Foreign Ministry.

"We protest against such a decline in journalistic standards and ask Polish radio authorities to take a firm stand on this issue," the press release says.

His speeches were made public by Piercezar in an interview with the portal Niezależ "I used Władysław Bartoszewski's public-language speeches and used it for people like me and called us cattle," says the musician.

"Perhaps I've used this term negatively because it's not a good idea to use this dictionary in public debates and I'm sorry for that. Nevertheless, I think that he will not abandon bad reviews of Vladibov Bartoshevsky and his public activities in Poland, as everyone knows, he refused to take the White Eagle, and the lexicon he used at that time was Minister of Foreign Affairs, "Niakależną.pl said in an interview with Piacarcica .

Bartoshevski Square in Krasnodar is open. He did not lose confidence that he could be good

Who was Władysław Bartoszewski?

Born in 1922. During the Second World War, he became a participant in the Warsaw uprising, the Nazi Auschwitz concentration camp, the army soldier, the councilor of the Żegota, and the Warsaw uprising. He was imprisoned in Stalin's time.

He was twice foreign minister in the Third Republic of Poland. He was the Secretary of State and the Prime Minister's Representative on International Dialogue at Donald Tusk's office. He was awarded the White Oscar's Knight and the Jewish Institute for Judgment by the Jews in the German occupation, titled "The Righteousness among Nations."

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