Friday , October 7 2022

National Defense Minister: Changing balance of power in Congress is a challenge for a stable base


According to the results of last week's elections, at the 116th Congress in the beginning of the next year, the Democratic Party will have a majority in the Senate, as well as in the upper chamber of the US House of Representatives and the Republican Party.

National Defense Minister Mariusz Blasckak said Poland was "on the right track to succeed" in finding Poland's base for Poland in Poland after the visit. In an interview with journalists, Blyashchak explained his opinion as "based on the Pentagon's good negotiation situation, which he met with his American counterpart, James Mattis, as well as the US Senate on Tuesday."

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A police spokesperson, a senior official who came after the termination of his term of office in the US capital, met with four senators, including Senator Jacek Reed, the Democratic Party's prestigious representative, the US Army base in our country, the Senate Armed Forces Committee.


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