Friday , October 7 2022

Pin – Wach. Arthur Shpilka climbed from the board and beat Mariusz Vachti for the ball


After an exciting fight in the evening, Arthur Spilka did not like each other at the Mariusz Wah's scores at Arena Givitski's Knock-Off Night Gala. "Spil" was in the last round, but he got up and froze and reached the last bout. After reading the verdict, there was a riot in the ring, and Spila was ready for the battle.

The fighting was very promising. From the beginning Wach tried to raise Szpilka, who is active with the left. The sponge, on the other hand, is very concentrated and responds with the right hand and adds the left palm. The conflict was not small at the end, and Wah captured his opponent's right opponent. – Slow down – The Spider trainer Andrzej Gravchik demanded that he pay attention to the element that he worked hard during the two preparations.

In the second round, Vakh initially dropped his right hand from hunting. The socket is quite mobile and, on the other, is packed twice. Halfway, Viking closed her favorite corner for the first time, but Arthur quickly got into trouble, which in turn led to a carpet. At a time when Szpilka's jaw fell right down the bottom right, KnockOut Promotions grew a bit sharp under a group player, but his 29-year-old quickly regained his resonance.

Third round left Wach good, but Szpilka responds to the same successful blow. However, "Spil" angle "Viking" felt that the side was made of granite, and demanded regular beatings. Arthur was very energetic, and Mariusz was impressed with the fact that he was rising to the better. When he was in the battle, "Spila" was still in a shock, and immediately after the gong, when the judge needed to get into the boxing box of Lesek Yankoyak.

The fourth stage began with a strong exchange of swords at two strong blows. Wah tried to fight, but Arthur is a great combination of responses. At one time violecanine hit the loop with a very latch, but it was not accurate. Angered, Wah attacked the opponent, had trouble, returned to his old sins, that is, he released his hands. However, Spila responded to Wah's attack, and both of them have so far turned to the finest tournament.

"He has to sit down and he will lose more," says Pooh Wiltsevski.

Krakowitch turned these words into the heart, turning the Stigma into the corner, but no impact. The two-meter-long field gave the field competitor and after a while he would try to cut the ring again, but the Spina would again be in trouble, bringing the fight to the center of the ring and feeling secure. When the decks were fired in the last twelve seconds, Vacha Spilka struck on the right. It lasted for a while and then missed it, and then responded to the left and had trouble.

The end of the tenth round of the second half started with a very slow pace, but in a minute or so to the end of the Wah, the old demons returned to Shpilka's right hand. A boxer from Velichka left his hands unobtrusively and dumfound at his request. During the break, Andrzej Gmytuk left the road to order his rebellious protection.

The trainer's shock was affected, the skier began to concentrate and the next part began to be very strong, successfully kicked the combination of 2-3 shots and hit the opponent. Wah tried to find the right, and he ran on the "hook" jeans enough to blow it up. Nevertheless, Arthur did not harm himself anymore.

"Spile" inactivity The Wacha will be used for the first minute in the eighth round, allowing the opponent to jump with a great jump and eliminate gaps in physical conditions. Saving Wacha made one of the easier three minutes of this fight to win the referee.

The right lower and right master, Vacha, revived her angle, but the mobile pin was a challenge to the opponent. For the Decade, the small Viking played wieliczanin, which seemed to lack the ability to maintain the duel's intensity. The capital exchange began with ropes in the last seconds, "Spiele" scored a strong blow, but when he broke the gong, boxers lit with Judge Lesquin Yankoiak.

The final round began with a large amount of Wah, which was "twisted" his legs and called Pin to the ring. "Vikings" knew that this could be a knockout that would allow the fight to be solved in his favor. And a moment later Wach scolded Skilka and sent his opponent to the board. The Spila rose, and in the last 40 seconds it was based solely on the character, but Vacha did not intend to release, but he made a crush on the edge of the gastarbead. Completely depleted with some miracles, Spilka has won the final gong and has won a 2-1 victory over the judges.

The judges decided that 97: 93 Shchelka, 93:96 Wah and 95: 94, and did not approve part of the stands that were sentenced in the hall. The duel was so high that it would be obligatory to play revenge.


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