Thursday , September 29 2022

Rainbow over the Zbylitowska Mountain. "I called my wife and checked out what's on the internet"


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We received the S-24 Reporter 24 from Perimeter Backbone 24 on the Contact 24. The resident of Zbylitowska Góra for the first time noted that he had seen such a phenomenon. "I took some time before seeing her – she called my wife and she checked the internet and photographed with her cell phone," she wrote.

Very rarely

Round circle is a rare optical phenomenon in halo form. Occurrence in smaller ice crystals in the form of hexagonal plates after sunlight decay in the atmosphere.

Light radiation breaks down at a large angle (90 degrees), which separates the rainbow colors. Due to this, the inverted rainbow has a clearer color than tradition.

For this phenomenon it is necessary to set the date correctly – it should not exceed 32.5 degrees from the horizon. When the sunlight is 15-20 degrees above the horizon, the most beautiful arch will appear.

It lasted about 15 minutes

According to the author, the raund had a great impression on him.

"I did not look for it – you can not see it on the pictures, but it was very bright, but the flowers looked very good." At the time, there were three rainbows at the time (from 13.50 to 14.15), the largest of which was gradually decreasing, and I did not see it anymore, it lasted for 15 minutes, "the author wrote.

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