Tuesday , August 16 2022

Samsung Beyond X is a smartphone with six cameras


According to The Wall Street Journal, Galaxy S10 does not have three smartphones, but there are four smartphone models. The latest Beyond X code supports 5G communication and up to six lenses.

It will take several months before the Korean manufacturer officially publishes the next generation of Galaxy S smartphones. In addition, more streams associated with these smartphones are included in the network. The latter is a model called Beyond X, which can be the most expensive and most effective device in this series. The device is equipped with six cameras – two of which are on the front and four on the back. Exceptions are not yet known, but backlinks are similar to those used on the Galaxy A9. Outside the main chamber, it means that the device will have a wide angle camera, a telephoto lens and a depth detection lens.

galaxy a9
Galaxy S smartphones are always characterized by a very good optics (photo: Samsung)

According to unofficial information, X Beyond has a very large, 6.7-inch screen. Previously, the Galaxy S10 will have a 6.4-inch display. Other features of the series, along with the 5G modem: the new SoC and fingerprint scanner are embedded in the display, which is one of the smallest Samsung smartphones.

The premiere of the Galaxy S10 is expected in February 2019, but Beyond X stores can be accessed later. Basically, due to the lack of adequate infrastructure that lets you enjoy 5G network convenience.

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