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Shock and mistrust! Facebook confirms that "No, I have no one"!


Shock and mistrust! Facebook confirms on the market:

Getting started Dorota Rabczewska in the program available In 2002, the Polish media has undergone permanent change, as the same thing happened to people who had the taste and light of the day, as they had never been seen on TV. That's it tournament he opened the way for dozens of celebrities who understood that this kind of self-promotion was the simplest way of career.

The most famous tops were Rabbievskaya identification marks Oxygen enriched hair, long nails, baby laughter and large breasts. Initially, they were soft and easy. From the pictures of Rabbitsevskaya to the present day it is seen in the shower available. This breakthrough proves Radek Majdan, he funded the breast extensions for Dorota. However, this is officially the bust "Raised the hands of Radziya through his massage".

Since then, the singer is breathing whenever he can. It also appeared in several disassembled sessions. For many years all people have been involved in Rabbitsev. his big, artificial breast.

Unexpectedly, Doda's breasts began to look different in the last picture. Internet users drew attention to this they are smaller, and the image of Rabtsevskaya gives a delicate effect. There was a discussion in Instagram – some fans say Dorota has reduced the bust, while others say it is impossible. Finally, Rabbitsevskaya was questioned.

Dorota's Facebook profile depicts the Feline Brand of the Year Festival and its description has given them a real storm.

Yes, I have a small breast – he wrote famous.

Fans asked what happened. Rabzzushka answered he got rid of wrinkled implants as he was "boring". Internet users consider this a good solution because caricature breasts lasted a long time.

"Samples and preferences change. Large balls – lamosa and cheese «"Well, beautiful, you can make a bust, but why the balloons are immediately", "Change to the pluck."

Some began searching for the second bottom: Dorothy is waiting for the baby.

Are you pregnant Do you breastfeed? – they asked, but the question remained unanswered.

Do you like Doda with a small implant?

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