Wednesday , October 5 2022

Six days after returning to Wenčiovsk, he returned to work. Star responds to criticism


In late October, Anna Wendzikowska is proud of Instagram's birth, the birth of her second child – daughter Antonina. The fans sent greetings and congratulations. The quick comments were criticized when they found out that they had returned to work six days after the supplier. The star met with real hate.

Anna Wendzikowska is responsible for hate speech

"Six days later, a woman should stay at home with her baby, and I think they have come up with a pregnancy vacation."

Six days after the delivery, it is difficult to call: the definition – the desire to live – is a "record buoy" in the media.

"The mother cares for other people instead of waiting a few days after birth" – Internet users have become sharp.


The presentation left these comments unanswered for a long time. Finally, in an interview with the Fleece magazine, she explained that she would not speak for several jobs because she knows there is no basis for her work because once a week children take care of their fathers and love their work.

"My daughters are very important to me, I spend almost a day with them, and I am happy, but I love my profession and I feel good, and I can do it once a week!" He said in his statement for "Flesa".

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