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Stan Lei stars farewell


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Stars Stan Leemne parting.

Photo by Zoe Sallandah, Hugh Jackman / Twitter

Video: Twitter
Stars Stan Leeuw left a Twitter account

Stars died on Monday, Stan Leimen, the legend of the American comic book. "We lost a creative genius," wrote actor Hugh Jackman from Wolverine – one of Stanley's "children".

At the age of 95, a well-known comic writer Stanley Lee died. Those who disagree with the information were touched by respectful Internet users.

Honorable and famous people are also called.

«Thanks to Murat»

"We lost our creative genius, and Stanley was a pioneer in the super-hero world, and I was proud of being a small part of her heritage and helped her recover heroes," wrote Hugh Jackman, Wolverine, in the movie. Series "X-Men".

Famous actor of the film "Avant-garde" Zoi Sildana also said, "Today we lost one of the best." Stan Lee, you are an inspiration and superhero for us all, thanking for such a great deal and striving for everything. "

"In the Stan Stan room, your dream, the world of imagination and joy for all will remain forever," wrote entrepreneur Elon Musk.

"There is no greater power than dreams in the world, for great heritage, and for the new mutant's dreams," wrote Antonio Banderas on Twitter.

The American TV presenter described Jimmy Kimmel's move. In his profile, he wrote: "When I was seven, I released this beautiful portrait of Stan Lee and asked her to send her out, and she did not do it, and so in 30 years I gave her this wonderful gift. Status ".

Comic book icon

Stan Lee was a board member of Marvel Comics. He has created many heroes like Spider-Man, X-Men, Iron Man, Black Panther and Thor. It is considered a symbol of the comic world.

In 2008, Stanley was awarded the National Arts Award, awarded by the United States Congress.

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Stars Stan Leemne parting.
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«We lost genius»

Stars died on Monday, Stan Leimen, the legend of the American comic book. "We lost a creative genius," he wrote.
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At age 95, well-known comedian Stanley Lee died on Monday, and some characters and comic stories were born.
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