Tuesday , January 31 2023

Team U20 defeated Ukraine – football


The Polish team, under the age of 20 years, is expected to spend after the coach Jacek Magisier. They have won only seven games against the Czech Republic (3: 0). As a result, they are in the last place in the Elite League. Humor, footballers and coaches wanted to improve the friendly match against Ukraine.

Our eastern neighbors won the Bielsko-Biala stadium. They had a good control of the ball. However, they have taken the Poles to sleep. David Kopack liked the penalty and attacked Oleksandr Safron. Dominic Stecik, who was fined by Judge Poin Lacy, attacked the battle. It was the first goal in the U-20 team of Nuremberg. Maggie's players still had difficulty playing with a ball. Eventually, he was revengeful. Adam Chrzanowski Maxim has struck the Czech Republic and scored a yellow card. This is not the end of bad news. One minute later, Dennis Popov hit Yubil Beeldarzhik in the penalty area and beat his head with Milos Mikkoch.

After the break, the game was open. Teams repeatedly attacked. The greatest increase in attacks occurred between the 60th and 70th. The Poles received the first hundred percent chance. Jan Sobociński played a great role at the back of the defenders to Timoteus Puchas. The defender, however, set the same goal for the task. After some time Ukrainians could become leaders. They can get their heads back. However, Olekek Klauszcuk, on the other hand, did a little. Finally, the Poles gave the last word. Kakper Kostorz played in the penalty area in Copenhagen. Translated by Oleg Veremienko. He did so badly, but the ball went out. Until the end, Biolko-Zhezvoni did not give up the initiative and won the victory.

Poland U-20 – Ukraine U-20 2: 1 (1: 1)

Purpose: 19-year-old Stitzzi, 70-year-old Veremiyenko

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