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The British left Ryanayr. He did not pay too much for the hand luggage. She used the old coat for her


Since November 1, Ryanair has a new baggage policy. We got big luggage and it was already free, and now you have to pay. So far, Ryanair has been able to get a hand luggage with us at 55x40x20 cm, a weight of 10 kg and a size 35x20x20 cm (for example, a portfolio or a laptop).

Only hand luggage is empty, but the allowed size has increased slightly – up to 40x20x25 cm. You will have to pay a large amount of luggage, and you can read it in more detail, and read more about it. WHERE.

The new luggage policy of Irish airlines is a major dissatisfaction among passengers worldwide. The enthusiastic British decided to take Ryanair's new rules out of hand.

Every plane you fly flies off. Why is this so?

30-year-old Lee Kimino plans to spend the weekend in Belfast, Northern Ireland. During the reservation, he knew that the new baggage policy was in effect for two days. The British did not like it, and did not intend to pay luggage.

The man took the old coat from the bottom of the trousers, which soon brought to the seamstress. This applies to garments made of clothing and accessories. Thanks to him, Lee made a "suitcase" for her.

The British hand puts all the contents of about 10 kg of manuscript into their pockets (including pair shoes). Shared by placing videos on Facebook.

I love Ryanair, and I'm flying with them all over the world. They are always attentive at Swiss watches. But this is the last change that is forcing. I am trembling.

"he wrote.

The total cost of the coat processing is 25-30 lbs

– In The Independent interview, Cimino can boast.

Lee Kimo went to the airport of Manchester with such a cloak.

It does not work and everything goes out

– We hear the nerves.

As it is known, there was no doubt on the British board without difficulty. She also said that the success of the entire project would re-use her clothing.

I will not abandon it again. I recommend it to others. This is not only about cheap costs, but also avoiding the return of cargo after the landing. We save time and money

is proud of Lee Kimino.

Ryanair comment

Ryanair is everything.

Ryanair passengers can get everything they need for travel, as they do not need the "Friends" or the Mishlen's boyfriend, Joey, as the smaller luggage size increases by 40 percent and offers cheap luggage (10 pounds 10 pounds).

"Ryanair reports referring to one of the popular episodes of the American hit.

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