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The first flight of the Bigos 4 rocket carrier was held at Urania


On November 2, 2019, Bigos 4 launched from Spaceforest from Gdynia at Babie Doły's military airport. This action was successful.

On November 2, 2018, SpaceForest launched the first flight of its Bigos 4 rocket carrier at Facebook's Babie Dołach airport in northern Gdania, agreeing with the flight control tower. The flight was smooth. The engine recorded the correct operation, reaching the ceiling with a rocket and not damaged. "SpaceForest" is a success, and plans for further flight planning.

BIGOS 4 research rocket is the first step in the creation of a rocket for suborative missions and up to 50 kg of cargo up to a height of 155 cubic meters, carried out under the Suborbital Inexpensive Rocket project. It's a SIR transport model of 1: 2 scale. With a diameter of 5.5 m in diameter of 204 mm, weighs 65 kg without weighing 100 kg. The expected maximum speed is 600 m / s (MA 1.9). BIGOS 4 can be ready to fly again within 72 hours.

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SpaceForest operates at Pomor Science and Technology Park in Gdynia and employs more than 25 people. So far, Gdynia has launched several test missiles, such as Bigos, Bigos 2, Bigos 3 and Big Big 4, and the Candle-2 missile used to test the DEWI European Commission project.

Paweł Z. Grochowalski

Source: SpaceForest

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