Friday , August 19 2022

The law firm notifies the Polish Ministry of Finance about potential breach of rights through Electronic Arts / CD-Action


"We have carefully analyzed the EA packet sales model at FIFA, and it's unclear within the gambling game."

We know that EA has many experiences associated with micro-transactions. The Polish Transtica law firm decided to add five gross debt to several disputes. Yesterday, at the portal (interestingly, the scandal involving the Battlefront II jubilee and the game, resulting in a publisher he admitted the mistake) One of the company's lawyers, Tom Rollaer, has received information. The recipient is not only the Ministry of Finance of Poland, but also the topic Sale of card packages in FIFA Ultimate Team mode.

In a letter to the editor, the lawyer stated that the sale of parcels was contrary to the rules of the Polish gambling law. Special attention was paid to the fact that the currency used in the game can easily be purchased in empatikas, kiosks and novelties, as this EA does not have a system that checks the purchaser's age and makes payments through Paysafecard.

Thus, we have a high demoralization experience for juveniles, one of the major groups that use this type of gambling. It can have a detrimental effect on the mentality, and in the future, there are many young people who are addicted to gambling.

According to Rollaer, EA did not issue any licenses for gambling in Poland. The entire system looks like a huge illegal lottery, where the law office estimates that "about 200,000 citizens of the Republic of Poland will participate". HERE's full content statement, as well as about blocking gamers' accounts, about the FIFA promotional campaign (if the game elements really do not comply with the Polish law and then violate the rules), and the rewards for the game without real buying cash.

The law firm also recommends that the ministry be denied the accusations of a prosecution. If the government does not comply with the application and abides by the Polish law, the American giant is threatened with penalties of ten to several hundred thousand zlotys (after adding several rules of gambling). In addition to state sanctions, lawyers also require the removal of smartphone attachments accompanying the regimen and include the latest command mode page on domain registrar for gambling.

Unsurprisingly, everyday traffic law, TransStatia, did not publish this statement to editorial team We ask you to comment on the Office of the Prime Minister's Office, the Ministry of Finance, the Tax Office, the Polytechnic of Electronic Arts and the Transstaa Office.

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