Sunday , September 25 2022

Wroclaw – Poznan faster. The next section of the S5 motorway was provided [ZDJĘCIA]


This is a great way for drivers to spend the second February until November. The journey from Wroclaw to Poznan will be accelerated in a few minutes. Thanks to the completed and already completed investments – at the crossroads of Leszno Południe S5 expressway Wrocław – to Poznan Lipno-pod Radomickiem.

This means that on November 9th, on the S5, we will be moving from Wroclaw (North Knot of Wroclaw) to the Livorno town of Lesnoi.

We have to return to the 5th national road. The Radomikko-Lesno area is more than 19 km, due to the Leszno-Kaczowow section (9.5 km), which was opened in early October 2019, which will allow avoiding the terrible center of Lesnen.

Investor's materials

The S5 will cost 443 million dollars from Radomicka to Leszno. PLN delivery. Within the framework of the investment, two road and two lines have been created for the construction of the third track. Two road junctions were created: Święciechowa and Leszno Zachód, with local roads and DK12 Wschowa – Leszno – Gostyń. Two service areas for travelers, 16 engineering structures, access roads and road safety equipment were built. For passage through the special section of the S5 line 5, drivers will benefit from passing through the Lipno network, which is implemented under the following agreement.

Investor's materials

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