Saturday , October 16 2021

BAL – Rubin's song and nightmare in Kazan: "I'm coming to mind" (Switzerland)

Alex Song (former Barcelona, ​​Arsenal and currently Zion) had a nightmare during the season with Rubin Kazan.

"When signing, I promised to keep me home, but there were months and I did not. As a result, I was taken out of the hotel and started to live in a sporty city. The club says that the house is coming. One day, I talked to the servants and told me that nobody wanted me a home. There were good restaurants, people were good, but they never left because they did not have friends. He has always eaten in club buildings and is always alone. He is crazy. He did not cry, but he was very upset. Then he sits in the room and does not light up. It always stood in front of the computer and it was not good. To be honest, I do not know why it did not turn on the lights, "wrote Song The Telegraph.

From Cameroon as well as in the last part of June.

"I found out that the team did not stay in September to December. They left the players who refused to pay us and refused to pay us. They say that my money comes to my account, but it did not happen. Mortgage has not received mortgage loans. He was mortgaged in London and was bankrupt. This is the worst part. It's been a year of my career in Russia. Now I play again and I'll be happy. "

Rubin Kazan received 9 million euros for one song.

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