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Black Friday Guide: Dozens of discounts on the store and online


The name remains Black Friday, but for many years, brands have extended off-the-job promotions after Thanksgiving. There are also advertisements on Internet trading dates and days – Cyber Culture today combines several dozens of discounts that you can afford.

Up to 70%

Science4you: Up to November 25, up to 70% discount on Science4you toys.

Up to 50%

Acai and Granola: Acai Portuguese brand with Granola is a 50% discount swimwear and 20% left the collection fitness, the benefits will be extended to 24 and 25 November. Despite this the site, the store also has a store at the Marshall Point.

Apothecary: Until December 3, Boticia has up to 50% discount on all flavors.

ClaireТ the site Claire announces "almost all" 50% discount.

Fnac: Up to 50% discount on selected items from Friday through Sunday, plus free shipping for over 15 euros. Members of the Fnac Card will be able to get discounts starting at 21:00 on Friday.

Furla: On weekends the brand will get 50% discount on various products.

Montague: 50% discount on the Portuguese clothing brand and the dress will get a 40% discount from Friday to Sunday.

Inside: The operator announced that on November 23-26, there will be "discounts for all" in TV packages. Except for a reduction of up to 270 smartphones and accessories with up to 50% discount apps buy from TV, the pop-up menu will be offered at the purchase of tickets on TV cinemas and up to 60% discount on 100 video libraries.

OrganiiThe body has a discount of 40% on Mádara brands (except Christmas sets and Christmas sets) and Close (except for new standards) from Friday and Monday.

Pre natal: Until Monday, PréNatal has a 20% discount for all customers.

Up to 30%

Accessorize: During the weekend, all articles the site 25% discount. Use CYBER25 to make a purchase.

Bertrand: By the end of Friday, Bertrand will get a discount of 20% to 50% on all books as well as free transportation. Discount includes novelties but does not include the purchase of eBooks and textbooks.

Castelbel: 30% discount on shipping on the Internet and on Mondays (in Portus Cale Floral Toile) in Portus Cale Black Edition (free of charge) and free shipping. the site. From Friday to Sunday, Palácio das Artes and Cidade have a 30% discount on the selection of Porto Shopping's products and collections.

Douglas: The perfume chain has a 25% discount on purchases equal to 65% and 20% on all products, except for the La Mer and Tom Ford brands, from Thursday and Sunday.

Decade: The Sunday brand will have a 30% discount on the winter collection.

Freakloset: The Portuguese shoes brand will have a 25% discount from Friday to Sunday. All subscribers newsletter receives code for pre-recorded,look Friday (Thursday) and choose the top 20 branded brand T-shirts stock exist). Na cyber Monday discounts and surprises.

G-Star Raw: The clothing brand has up to 50% discount. Many of them already exist the site.

Globe: When purchasing three parts of the Globe Winter Collection and / or Casa Batalha, it is the cheapest available. Until Sunday, all Exit Globe has a 25% discount.

EasyJetThe airline has 40,000 seats with up to 30,000 discounts. They will arrive only on September 1, 2019.

Nike: 30% discount the site Thursday and Friday, with the CLEAR30 code.

Pede Jeans: The British brand will receive some 30% discount on the collection (except for the new SS19 pre-collection) in the next few days. It is Thursday only for registered users and from Friday to Sunday for everyone. On Monday you will have 30% discount, 10% additional, coupon type, will apply to the final price.

Springfield: Clothes brand offers a 25% discount for purchase in the Autumn / Winter collection the siteuntil Sunday.

Up to 20%

BerchkaThe Black Friday discounts will start at 20.00 and 10.00 on Thursdays the site.

House: All articles in the decorative store will be available until Sunday. Add BLACKFRIDAY18 code to your cart.

Everlasting 21: All items on the US brand have a 30% discount.

Anthony: From Thursday, 22 April, Oysho is less than 20% of all the collection. Also, from the 20th point, the symbol is only pre-sold for use. Advertising will last until Friday.

Isin: 20% discount for any Isdin product (excluding) packages advertising).

Kiehl & # 39; s: On Fridays and Saturdays, 15% discount on all brands and all Kiehl shops as well as free shipping.

Larzhanzhina: There are up to 20% discount from Thursday to Sunday.

Natura: Until Sunday Natura has a 20% discount on all Autumn / Winter collection. Articles Exit ad does not appear on the site.

Toothieces Store: Until Monday, the Totikids Store online store offers 20% discount on all items except Mima, Babyzen, Quinny, Bebe Confort, Hub cars and accessories.

Toy "R" We: Up to Sunday, up to 50% on direct product selection (on-line and online). There is a 20% discount for buying two or more online items on Thursday and Friday.

Listen: 20% discount for all parts, for subscribers newsletteron Thursday.

Take Pull & Bear: The brand is available from Thursday to 20%, at 20.00 and at 10.00 discount the site. Outside – Special Collections, for example Netflix Foreign stuff.

RitualsFrom Friday to Sunday, the brand represents 20% of the products selected at stores. On Sunday you will have an aroma candle for € 50 or more in Ritual and online stores.

Sphere: From Thursday to Friday all Sfera articles are 20% on the site.

Zara House: On Zara Home website, free delivery on Friday gives 20% discount to all collections.

Other promotions

Imaginarium: Brand «cooperation day"For each toy you buy, the brand offers another needy baby.

Bimba and Lola: Discounts on the Spanish brand will last until Thursday, 20:00 and Sunday.

KicoThree products will be purchased until Sunday, while Kico offers three more – three low-priced products, all discounted from the total purchase price. Offer is valid in stores and on the website.

MomondoConsidering that several airlines have a discount on Black Friday, Momondo has joined some routes at a special price. The journey to Europe begins with ten euros. You can find all information on the site.

Nuts: When purchasing products of up to 60 euros a 15 euro discount is provided. The offer is valid only for the participating pharmacy.

Abre travelA travel agency has a number of special offers. You can check the directory.

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