Thursday , September 29 2022

Bono says "U2 has disappeared" and causes a clue to the ending of the group


The RIO – U2 team completed the "Experience + Innocence" excursion in Berlin, Germany, and attracted fans. Last night, Bono's retrospective on the band's 40 years of work, the band's "departure." Witnesses have had a negative impact on recent European and American news.

"We've been on some roads now, it's been 40 years, the last four have been unique to us, and now we're leaving," Bono says.

The Adaptive has updated U2Gigs through a website sponsored by the fans of the Irish Quartet, leaving the last feeling after passing through recent tours.

Bono, 58, has faced health problems over the past three years. When the singer lost his song in September 2018, the U2 show had to be stopped in Germany.

A few months ago, the singer reported having repeatedly been scared of his health, including the 2015 accident, and had taken him to the operating table for five hours to break his face, shoulders and hands.

"It was very important," Bono told the Sunday Times in October. "I'm fine right now, but I've been here many times over the last few years.

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