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Check out the results of Quina on Tuesday, 50th this Tuesday (13/08/99) – Portal Cana


This Tuesday (13) will host another draw of Caixa Econômica Federal Quin, 50 hours. The competition is held for 20 hours (Brazil time), CAIXA space lotteries. The long-awaited gamble prize is 1.4 million dollars. When it comes to lottery, gamblers from all over Brazil try to compete daily and compete for each day.

The result will last for 20 hours and you can check it here. Remember that in the corner you will struggle for great gifts with the Quin: dial and rotate the number 80 to 5 to 15. If you want, the system can select numbers through the surprise.

Quina 5045 competition


The prize fund of the next competition is 14.08.99

$ 2,300,000.00


Quinn – number 5
There was no shock

Quadra – room number 4
158 Bets Bets, 2 719.21 dollars

Costume – 3 rooms
10177 wins, $ 63.48

Duke – 2 rooms
197540 Winnings, $ 1.79

General Assembly

R $ 7,451,895.00

Quintina still has gifts from hits 2, 3, 4 or 5. You can compete with the same Stavanger in the same 3, 6, 12, 18 or 24 competition.

Awards in Kuina

The total score is 43.35% of the total. From this value:

35% divided between 5 hits,

19% of 4-digit hits,

20% of the 3-digit hits,

Among 11% and 2 hits

15% of the Quina de São João 5 comes for hits.

If there is no impact on the range of rewards, the next range will be assembled in the appropriate range.

Receive awards in Quinta

You can get your prize in any accredited lottery box or Caixa branch. If the net premium exceeds 1 33278 rubles ($ 1 903.98 R), the payment can only be made in Caixa branches. An amount equal to or greater than $ 10,000 will be paid two days after being filed in Caixa's branch office.

Bets on the corner

Bid price of 5 is $ 1.50. The more numbers you dial, the higher your bet price and the higher the chances of winning.

Assembly in an angle

If the next race on the 1st, 2nd, 3rd or 4th rounds is not won, the sum (s) will be collected for the next competition on the 1st prize. The special rules of the competition, which will be held on June 24 each year, comply with the following criteria:
– If the first line (in the corner) does not make a draw, then this value is added to the value of line 2 and is judged between 4 known betting odds (court);
– If there are no winnings on line 1 (corner) and line 2 (court), the bonus points for these bands are included in the cost of line 3 and are judged between 3 known costumes;
– If there are no winnings on line 1 (2nd), box 2 (band) and band 3 (suit), the bonus for these strips is added to line 4 and distributed between the 2-bet rates . known (duke);
– If there are no prizes in any prize pool, the sums will be counted in the next competition in the 1st prize pool.

The prizes will expire in 90 days after the end of the drawing. After this period, the amounts were credited to the National Treasury for investment into the FIES – Fund of Higher Education Students.

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