Saturday , June 25 2022

Daniel Oliveira was criticized for repeating the program


SAdobado is the day of the "High Definition" program at the NPM, where interviews with different people are held. Today, Daniel Oliveira's talk with Antonio Raminhos has been made, as the driver himself has posted on social networks.

On the eve of debut This message is for you, "a new program called Antonio Raminhost's amazing life story," he said.

However, some of his followers criticized the proposal.

"Why do they constantly repeat people? It does not make sense and negligence, "he explained. "They could even repeat the man, if there was another interview … there were too many to repeat the interview," added one more follower.

Check out this post in Instagram

The premiere of the new show, "Message is for you", is an amazing life @ lifetreatment of rheumatoid arthritis, today with high definition, @informal

Posted by Daniel Oliveira (@Daniel__ olive tree) on August 17, 2019, at 2:17 pm PPP

At the time of the holidays, Daniel usually chooses to repeat programs like Julia Pineiro, but in the afternoon, the CCP program.

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