Saturday , June 3 2023

Dona Brico Depôt leaves the Portuguese market – Observer


The owner of Brico Depôt stores in Vila de Gaia, Lourouz and Rio de Moore announced that British Kingfisher will abandon the Portuguese market on Wednesday, where 213 people will work. Also, Spain and Russia abandoned Russia's commitment to a long-term long-term business plan in its presentation of the quarterly success story of October 30.

"Under this commitment we have decided to leave Russia, Spain and Portugal. This will allow us to implement our strategy more effectively in our key markets, and we can have a leading position in the market, "the group noted.

In addition, Kingfisher said that Brico Depôt in Portugal has shown a loss of two million pounds (2.2 million euros) in 2017 and 2018. Spain already has 2.2 million pounds and 8 million pounds (8.9 million euros) in the same period.

According to the company website, 213 people work in three Portuguese stores. In Spain, there are 1,782 employees in the group, and in Russia, the number of people employed under the brand name "Castor" is 3280 people. Overall, Kingfisher, who is working in the DIY and other household goods market, posted more than three billion pounds (€ 3.37 million) at the end of October, 1.3% "similar to each other" (ie, in duplicate terms).

Kingfisher has 1 302 stores, 79,000 employees and six million clients in 10 countries worldwide. The key feature is B & Q, Castorama, Brico Depôt, and Screwfix. It cooperates with Koçtas in Turkey.

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