Monday , January 30 2023

Find out how you can reduce the high blood pressure drop in diet and exercise


EIn Portugal the fourth one suffers from high blood pressure.

This is a concern, this can happen when other heart problems occur, including life-threatening strikes.

Despite the healthy and balanced diet, as well as persistent physical activity, there are two basic principles of people who do not want to develop the disease – other natural ways of regulating blood pressure.

A new British study suggests a bathing bath can have a positive effect on physical health.

The phenomenon of researchers at Lafboro University in the United Kingdom and its effects on hypertension was analyzed.

The researchers watched 10 laxatives in a bath full of warm water at 38 degrees Celsius per hour.

Blood samples were collected in two hours and immediately after bathing.

As a result, only one immersive bath, causing the formation of nitrogen oxides, is sufficient. It is responsible for the release of blood vessels, thereby reducing the risk of hypertension.

Researchers also reported a decrease in sugar and insulin levels in the body of participants.

After completing this practice, one of PhD students Sven Hexstrae said spending an hour in the bath, "reduces the inflammation of the body and improves glucose metabolism" stable and overweight people ".

According to the researcher, this study notes that "there is a positive effect on metabolic health among the population that can not participate in physical exercises, especially on bedsheets."

If you have a hypertension or suspected malnutrition, seek medical advice.

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